PRUNE HILL Neighborhood Autumn Contest

Of course there was a PRIZE!

A Downtown Camas Experience!

I have to admit that putting this Camas experience together for our winner was a blast!  My hubby and I bundled up our almost two month old son and strolled the quaint streets… pumkin latte in hand, of course!  Our tromping in and out of the shops and deliberating over what to include in the prize is now a wonderful Autumn day memory.  I hope our picks for a downtown Camas experience spark the making of a joyful memory for our winner.

A gigantic Thank You to Lizzabeth A for donating to my prize package!  Now our winner can get a head start on holiday shopping!


  Join Lizzabeth A for their 12th annual Holiday Open House.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 1:00pm -4:00pm


The Winner of my “Let’s Kick off Autumn” Front Door Decor Contest

This front entry won over the Judges with it’s festive colors, pleasing composition, and textural interest.

Did your entry make it to the Judges table?

I scoured the neighborhoods included in Prune Hill Living Magazine’s delivery route for the best Autumn themed entry way!  It was a hard decision, however we knocked out Halloween themed entry ways… and let me tell you, our neighborhood gets behind this holiday- SO FUN!!  Below are the mini pictures I presented to my judges table.